Camino de Santiago Portuguese

The Camino de Santiago from Tui is one of the most popular routes, as it combines the beauty of its forests, villages and towns.

We will start our adventure in the spectacular town of Tui, a town on the border with Portugal. If you have time, you can visit it and cross to our neighbouring country, as both countries are connected by the International Bridge.

To join Camino de Santiago and Rías Baixas is to talk about historic towns such as Pontevedra, Padrón and the aforementioned Tui, it is to talk about Albariño and popular gastronomy.

The Portuguese Way of St. James in group is a unique experience to meet new pilgrims and enjoy your fellow pilgrims.

In Viajeros Canallas we organise the Portuguese Way from Tui, where you will walk 116kms in 5 stages, which will give you the right to get your Compostela and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Santiago.

There is no better way to experience the Camino de Santiago from Tui in a group. The fame of our groups, the good vibes, the friendships that are generated, that many call "family" and our motto "You'll never walk alone".

Camino de Santiago

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    • 4 / 10 July
    • 3 / 9 August
    • 3 / 9 September
    • Private hostels 7D / 6N in shared rooms
    • Half board (breakfast and dinner 5 stages including dinner in Santiago de Compostela + reception dinner on meeting day)
    • Credential
    • Monitor with assistance vehicle
    • Recommendations

    Price: From 337€.

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    Price: From 337€.

    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Stages Portuguese Way Tui - Santiago 115km

    If you have any doubts about the route and the places we will visit during this organized route, it is the perfect time for you to take a look at our particular guide of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago Way. We will tell you everything that awaits you during the trip so you are ready to live this exciting adventure.

    One of the most important things you should know about the Portuguese Camino de Santiago Way is that it is a different route. We will not find plateaus, complicated heights or steep slopes as happens, for example, with the French Way.

    STAGE 1


    Length: 31.9 km
    Difficulty: Medium / High
    Time: 7 / 8 hours

    STAGE 2


    Length: 19 km
    Difficulty: Medium
    Time: 5 hours

    STAGE 3


    Length: 21 km
    Difficulty: Low
    Time: 6 hours

    STAGE 4


    Length: 19 km
    Difficulty: Low
    Time: 5 hours

    STAGE 5


    Length: 24 km
    Difficulty: Medium
    Time: 6 hours

    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Frequently asked questions about the Portuguese Way

    How many stages does the Portuguese Camino de Santiago Way?

    The number of stages of this trip depends on where the Portuguese Way starts. In our case, we will start in the city of Tui and it will take us seven days to get to the Cathedral of Santiago. Of course, we will have time to rest, get together and do some socialising on both the first and the last day.

    Here is a brief summary of the stages of the Camino de Santiago Portuguese that you can complete with the professional team of Viajeros Canallas:

    Day 1: Meeting and accommodation in Tui

    Before starting the Portuguese Way of St. James we will meet in the majestic city of Tui. You will be able to spend some time exploring its cobbled streets and feel that mystical halo that surrounds the Camino de Santiago.

    Our first appointment will be at 18:30 at the hostel where we will meet all the members of the group of pilgrims. Do not worry, we will provide the location of the hostel two days before the start of the trip through the WhatsApp group.

    We will then hold a meeting to go over the details of the route. Our monitors will take care of any needs that may arise and offer some last minute recommendations to ensure that the Camino runs as smoothly as possible.

    Day 2: Stage 1, Tui - Redondela

    Distance to be covered: 31.9 kilometres. Estimated time: 7 / 8 hours. Difficulty: Medium / High.

    This stage of the Portuguese Way of St. James runs through fairly flat terrain and asphalt tracks in a steady and easy to walk. You will start walking along the banks of the Miño and Louro rivers and end up in Ribadelouro.

    From this point we recommend that you take the alternative path that leads off to the left side of the path and go as far as O Porriño.

    In the final third of the stage we come to the only significant climb of the day: the ascent to the chapel of Santiaguiño.

    Day 3: Stage 2, Redondela - Pontevedra

    Distance to be covered: 19 kilometres. Estimated time: 5 hours. Difficulty: Medium

    This second stage is full of contrasts between beautiful natural landscapes and urban areas. We will also have to overcome interesting stretches with a couple of considerable ascents and descents.

    As far as the landscapes of the Portuguese Way of St. James are concerned, here you can appreciate the wonderful view of the Rías Baixas. Not to mention the incomparable experience of eating oysters in Arcade.

    Further on we will arrive at a city full of charm: Pontevedra. From Viajeros Canallas we invite you to get lost in its cobbled streets and its spectacular old town.

    Day 4: Stage 3, Pontevedra - Caldas De Reis

    Distance to be covered: 23 kilometres. Estimated time: 6 hours. Difficulty: Low

    When you leave Pontevedra, you will cross the river Lérez. And just three kilometres further on, you will come across the Variante Espiritual. This path is becoming increasingly popular and popular. If you are interested in trying it, we recommend you take this route.

    From this point you will find a very easy and short walk. Its water wealth is unequalled and you will not be able to stop admiring the landscape. We will finish in Caldas de Rei, famous for its thermal spas.

    Day 5: Stage 4, Caldas De Reis - Padrón

    Distance to be covered: 19 kilometres. Estimated time: 5 hours. Difficulty: Low

    The section from Caldas de Reis to Padrón is perhaps the most scenically interesting stage. There will be frequent but moderate slopes. You will see extensive agricultural valleys and small villages that will make this stage of the Portuguese Way of St. James an unforgettable memory.

    When you arrive in Padrón, as well as thinking about where to eat some good peppers, remember to take advantage of the wide range of cultural activities on offer in the city.

    Day 6: Stage 5, Padrón - Santiago De Compostela

    Distance to be covered: 24 kilometres. Estimated time: 6 hours. Difficulty: Medium.

    This is the last day of our route along the Portuguese Way of St. James. As is logical, feelings are running high. On the one hand, the joy of achieving your challenge and on the other, the sadness of feeling that this is coming to an end.

    During the final stretch before reaching Santiago you will find a constant climb. Remember to always keep in mind that you are not far from being able to enjoy the majesty of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. We have made it, congratulations pilgrim!

    Day 7: Farewell

    How long does it take to do the Portuguese Way?

    In Viajeros Canallas we do the Portuguese Way of St. James in 7 days, 6 nights and 5 stages. In this week we will cover 116 kilometres

    What is the Camino de Santiago in a group?

    The Camino de Santiago in an organised group is a unique experience, where you only have to worry about walking and enjoying yourself. You will have the accommodation booked for the 6 nights of the trip and we will give you recommendations to make the most of this adventure.

    Who is the Camino de Santiago for?

    Whether you come alone, alone, with friends, with family: the Camino de Santiago in group is for you. Walk at your own pace, with the security of having a monitor who will be with his assistance vehicle to watch over you.

    Enjoy meeting again and again on your Camino with the companions of your group, who sometimes will become friends and sometimes family.

    How to train for the Camino de Santiago?

    To do the Camino de Santiago you don't need much preparation. The important thing is to walk, take the training as an enjoyment, learn to stop and do not leave aside the advice of our experts.

    Consistency is the key: try to walk 4 or 5 kms whenever you can, and in some cases, go for a slightly longer walk. Also, try to find a place you love and make the most of the slopes.

    This will prepare your muscles and joints for this adventure. For more training tips, check out this article.

    Portuguese Way of Saint James
    Portuguese Way of Saint James
    Portuguese Way of Saint James
    Portuguese Way of Saint James

    Viajeros Canallas

    Travel and have fun, leading company of the Way of St. James

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    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Camino de Santiago Portuguese

    Way of Saint James from Tui

    If you want to do the Camino de Santiago from Tui, with Viajeros Canallas you can sign up alone, with friends, with your family or as you prefer.

    Come and live the experience with one of our groups, where you will share your trip with companions from all over Spain, which will make this adventure even more unique.

    The Portuguese Way is the second most popular after the French Way, where you will find incredible towns, beautiful landscapes and several times you will brush against the Rías Baixas.

    With Viajeros Canallas you will always have the best comfort, security and guarantee. We are the number 1 company on the Camino de Santiago and we have been organising groups for 7 years. You only have to worry about walking and enjoying yourself.

    In this Map you can see the route illustrated step by step with images of the experience, enlarge the mapmake a reservation here.