Primitive Camino de Santiago

Welcome to a different road, famous for its forests, streams, meadows and breathtaking views.

Although it has a reputation for being harder, from Viajeros Canallas we have decided to simplify this route a little, so we will cover about 152.5 kilometres from Fonsagrada to Santiago de Compostela, in 6 stages.

This route is called "primitive" because it is the first route of which there are historical references. Undoubtedly, it is a different route compared to the French Way or the Portuguese Way. In addition, the Primitive Way is famous for its essence, as it is much less crowded than the other two.

The difficulty of the Camino de Santiago Primitivo is somewhat higher than on other routes, as we mentioned. There are constant ascents and descents, as well as different types of terrain among which we can find from stony roads to asphalt tracks.

But this little extra effort is rewarded by the beauty of the landscapes along this route, streams, rivers, meadows, hills, valleys and much more. Almost the entire route is in the middle of nature, with hardly any contact with busy roads.

This Camino will be a unique experience in which you can discover monuments and natural landscapes, while interacting with the pilgrims you will meet during the journey, as well as enjoying your own companions in the group.

Camino de Santiago


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    Price: From €365

    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Stages of the Primitive Way Fonsagrada - Santiago 152,5 km

    In Viajeros Canallas we know that the difficulty of the Primitive Way makes some pilgrims think twice before undertaking this route. However, from our agency we have designed a simpler and less demanding itinerary taking as its starting point the town of Fonsagrada.

    STAGE 1


    Length: 24.3 km
    Difficulty: Medium / High
    Time: 6 hours

    STAGE 2


    Length: 29.5 km
    Difficulty: Medium
    Time: 7 hours

    STAGE 3


    Length: 26.5 km
    Difficulty: Medium
    Time: 6 hours 30 minutes

    STAGE 4


    Length: 20 km
    Difficulty: Low
    Time: 5 hours

    STAGE 5


    Length: 33.2 km
    Difficulty: Medium / High
    Time: 8 hours

    STAGE 5


    Length: 19 km
    Difficulty: Low
    Time: 5 hours

    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Frequently asked questions about the Primitive Way

    What are the stages of the Primitive Way?

    As for the question of how many days the Camino Primitivo takes, it should be noted that in this case you will be able to complete the route in about eight days. In other words, this is an ideal plan for those who do not have much holiday time.

    Below, we explain which are the stages of the Camino Primitivo and what you can expect from each of them:

    Day 1: Meeting and accommodation in Fonsagrada

    Fonsagrada will be our meeting point to start this fantastic story of pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago Primitivo. The first meeting will be at the hostel selected by our expert and founder Alberto Lence. We will give you the location two days before the start of the trip through the WhatsApp group.

    Although we will meet at 18:30, the meeting will not start until 19:00. During this meeting you will be able to meet your fellow travellers and receive the latest instructions and recommendations from the Viajeros Canallas monitors and guides. We will finish with a dinner in which you will be able to get strength for the next stage and strengthen your bonds with the members of the group who are venturing with you in this organized Camino de Santiago Primitivo.

    Day 2: Stage 1, Fonsagrada - O Cadavo

    Distance to be covered: 24.3 kilometres. Estimated time: 6 hours. Difficulty: Medium / High.

    The time has come to take our first steps on the Camino Primitivo. This will be our first fully Galician stage. The route runs almost entirely on dirt tracks with constant slopes, although these will be rather moderate. Be careful, we will also go through the tremendous ascent to A Lastra, so you should be prepared. During the route we will come across the ruins of the Hospital de Montouto, founded in the 14th century to provide shelter and assistance to pilgrims.

    Day 3: Stage 2, O Cadavo - Lugo

    Distance to be covered: 29.5 kilometres. Estimated time: 7 hours. Difficulty: Medium.

    This day we will cover more distance than the previous day. The second stage of our journey takes place on comfortable dirt and tarmac tracks with fairly gentle gradients. Between O Cádavo and Castroverde we come to a modest pass and then flatten out on the plateau of Lugo until we reach the capital. The only town with services that we find until we reach Lugo is Castroverde, but luckily in some villages they have taken advantage of the passage of pilgrims to install vending machines. We will stop to rest in Lugo, which has the honour of being the largest city on the Primitive Way. Its Roman wall and the cathedral of Santa María are two of the most important sights.

    Day 4: Stage 3, Lugo - Ferreira

    Distance to be covered: 26.5 kilometres. Estimated time: 6h 30′. Difficulty: Medium.

    This time the stage is very simple. Most of the kilometres are on local roads and in some sections we will ride on comfortable tracks, almost all of which are asphalted. It is not uncommon to encounter some unevenness.

    Day 5: Stage 4, Ferreira - Melide

    Distance to be covered: 20 kilometres. Estimated time: 5 hours. Difficulty: Low.

    This stage of the Primitive Way is basically rural. We will cross small dirt tracks but mostly asphalt and the slopes will be almost constant but moderate. You will have the opportunity to visit small villages and in some of them you will be able to enjoy their restaurant services. Today we finish in Melide, one of the stops on the French Way of St. James.

    Day 6: Stage 5, Melide - O Pedrouzo

    Distance to be covered: 33.2 kilometres. Estimated time: 8 hours. Difficulty: Medium / High.

    During this stage we will pass through beautiful villages such as Ribadiso do Baixo. The predominant vegetation that you will be able to see during this day consists of eucalyptus forests, pastures and meadows. We will walk along quiet forest tracks, linking up with small villages. The terrain is pleasant and easy to walk in, where you can take refuge among masses of trees. The gently rolling terrain alternates with areas close to the road. Bear in mind that you will have to cross the road several times before reaching O Pedrouzo. Among the most outstanding points of interest on this stage of the Primitive Pilgrim's Way to Santiago are the Chapel of Santa Irene with its magnificent Baroque fountain.

    Day 7: Stage 6, O Pedrouzo - Santiago → 19 Km / 4-5 H

    Distance to be covered: 19 kilometres. Estimated time: 5 hours. Difficulty: Low

    And after so much effort, the reward arrives. This last stage is one of the most special because you can already feel the nerves and excitement of being so close to finally seeing Santiago. We advise you not to miss the views of the Cathedral from Monte del Gozo. We will take a gentle route except for the climb to San Marcos from Lavacolla. This last place has such a picturesque name because of the stop that pilgrims used to make there in order to wash up a bit before presenting themselves before the Apostle Santiago. From Monte de Gozo we are only 5 kilometres from our end and you can already make out the imposing façade of the Obradoiro in the distance. When we arrive, our deepest feelings will unconsciously come to the surface: Congratulations pilgrim! Now begins, probably "Your real Camino". The way of life.

    Day 8: Farewell

    What is the Camino de Santiago organised in a group?

    It is a unique experience. You will have all the accommodation booked at the end of each stage and you will receive recommendations thanks to which you will avoid some mistakes that pilgrims make. In the Camino de Santiago in group all you have to worry about is walking and enjoying yourself.

    Who is the group-organised Way of Saint James for?

    Whether you come alone, alone, with your friends, as a couple, with your family... and wherever you come from: The Organised pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in a group is for you. Imagine walking at your own pace, with the peace of mind of a monitor who will look after you, with an assistance vehicle and with all the recommendations that we will give you so that you have everything perfectly organised and that your trip is a unique experience.

    How to prepare myself to do the Camino de Santiago on foot?

    It is true that you do not need a great preparation to do the Camino de Santiago. We recommend you to be constant and walk 5 to 6 kms whenever you can and when you have more time, do a more demanding stage. To see all the information, we leave you with 5 tips on how to prepare to do the Camino de Santiago.

    What do I have to bring to the Camino Primitivo?

    The Primitive Way from Fonsagrada has the peculiarity of starting the first stages with few pilgrims, passing through few towns and services in the first half, and in the second, when joining the French Way, is an area full of villages, towns and services. In Fonsagrada we do recommend that you buy some basic things to always carry water and a snack in your backpack. Otherwise, it is possible that your first intention is to fill your luggage. From experience I recommend that you forget the "porsiacasos" and that you only put interest in good shoes and good socks, mackintosh, sleeping bag, and 3 or 4 changes of each garment. In this article we give you more tips on what to take in your backpack on the Camino de Santiago.

    Primitive Camino de Santiago
    Primitive Camino de Santiago
    Primitive Camino de Santiago
    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Viajeros Canallas

    Travel and have fun, leading company of the Way of St. James

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    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Primitive Camino de Santiago

    Camino de Santiago organised Primitivo Fonsagrada

    If you want to do the Camino de Santiago organised from Fonsagrada, with Viajeros Canallas you will have everything organised, the hostels in each stage, a monitor with an assistance vehicle watching over you and an endless number of recommendations and tips that will make your Camino Primitivo an unforgettable experience.

    Sign up alone, with friends or as you wish and join one of our groups, where you will share this fantastic experience with colleagues from all over Spain.

    It is a much less crowded route than the French and Portuguese Ways, recommended if you want a more authentic experience.

    With Viajeros Canallas you will live the experience with the greatest comfort, safety and guarantee. We are the leading company on the Camino de Santiago, with more than 7,000 travellers who have done the Camino with us.

    In this Map you can see the route illustrated step by step with images of the experience, enlarge the mapmake a reservation here.